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CLS CENTRAL is a one of a kind boutique investment brand management firm situated in one of the iconic luxury centers of Tokyo. We specialize in introducing high quality international and domestic brands to this mesh of this tradition and high-tech central. With our passion, global mindsets, and vast network our project destinations are ever expanding. The core mission is to ensure the brands within its portfolio maintain the consistency and integrity of their original concepts, providing guests with an experience that accents the features that are indispensable to the brand. Cafes, bars, restaurants, lounges, hotels, and retail. Our vision is to continually bring luxury and comfort through brands.
Be part of the most exciting Olympic Hosting City of 2020, the future stretches far and wide.

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Be Mesmerized<br /> Enjoy your senses in every experience. Expand your horizon in every destination.

Introducing International Cafes, bars, Lounges, and Hotels to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and more.

Get connected with the global world with one phone, one app but multiple phone numbers. Our ZRTP secure coding protects your information at all time.

2R International Team producing traditional and international shows all over Japan, create films and bring artists from abroad.

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